Squirrel Nests

Should I Care for a Baby Squirrel I Find?

Many have come across wild animals and have wanted to care for them. Maybe it was a poor little kitten, a bird that fell out of its nest, or a frog that had been hurt by another animal. It is within the nature of most people to want to do something to care for animals when they are injured, sick, or abandoned.

What About Wild Animals?

Most animals you will come across fall into the category of wild animals. It is rare that somebody finds a stray kitten or puppy. That does happen, but not often. In most of those instances, those are animals that are strays, and could be classified as wild.

However, we understand that most cats and dogs, even if they are strays, are relatively harmless to you. Most often they are looking for nothing more than a place to find some food or shelter, and if you leave out snack, you will quickly become that animal’s friend.

This is not true of wild animals. Even small ones like squirrels can pose a risk to you. They may seem harmless and look awfully cute, but you must be careful whenever you come around an animal like that.

Why You Should Be Careful about Feeding Animals Like This

If you saw a baby squirrel, hungry, crying, looking for a meal to sustain it, your first inclination would be to feed. These are cute little critters, and the thought of leaving it fending for itself seems cruel. Someone must do something defeated you would probably think.

You have to be careful about this though. Once again, consider that these are wild animals. They may be perfectly harmless to you at first but, as they get bigger, a lot of natural instinct will kick into play. This will mean the animal will become unpredictable if it is startled or feels scared. That could lead to you, a member of your family, or a pet getting hurt.

In addition, these animals often carry pathogens that are dangerous to you and your family. The baby animal may have a parasite, bacteria, or some other kind of malady that you could become afflicted by should you come in contact with the animal.

Why It’s Not a Good Idea

There are many who are going to think this is cruel, but it may be to your advantage to do nothing for the animal at all. It is likely that you want to do something. You don’t want to see this baby squirrel unfed. However, if it is fed by you once, it is going to return. This means that if it needs a home, it may look to find one within the walls of your house, maybe even within your attic. Your good deed may lead to a punishment.

The best thing you can do in a situation like this is to contact your local animal control agency or wildlife preserve. They have trained professionals that can take care of this animal and ensure that it has every chance to succeed back in the wild. It really is the best thing for everyone.