Squirrel Nests

What Action Should I take If Squirrels Are Nesting in My Attic?

A common occurrence that happens to many people is that they are placing an item up in the attic when they suddenly notice that things don’t look as they should. There is insulation and clothing that is shredded and bundled into a corner. It seems really weird for sure. Then, upon closer examination, they realize that a group of squirrels are living in their attic. These squirrels have turned your dream home into a nightmare.

Get Out and Stay Out!

Your first thought is that you want the squirrels out right away. However, this is not as easy as you may think. These animals are quite relentless and, because they are so agile and climb so well, they can be extremely difficult to get out of your house.

You need a proven method that will get rid of these animals for good. You also need to be safe about doing so. This is where you need some good advice about the proper steps to take to get squirrels out of your attic who are nesting.

Here Is What to Do

Where you begin is by doing a thorough search around the exterior of your home. You need to find where the squirrel is gaining access into your house. This means looking for loose boards, cracks, or other blemishes that may allow the gain access. Consider it doesn’t take much for one of these animals to slip through, so make a thorough search. In addition, don’t just stop if you find one place. The squirrels may be gaining access through several entryways. You need to find them all.

After you have located the entryway, you need to place an exclusion funnel on the outside of your home over the entryway. These exclusion funnels allow the squirrel to get out but not get back in. If you have more than one area where they are getting into your house, then you need to seal up all but one of these areas. This will ensure they don’t get back in.

Your next step is to get them out of the attic. This is done by scaring them. The most sensible thing to do is to put a bright light or a boombox in the attic area. Make sure that after you have placed of this product in the attic that you properly close the attic so the world does not attempt to get into your home.

Now it is time to let fear do its work. Blast the music loud or turn on the light lamps to startle the squirrel. This will send it looking for an exit out of your attic. It will then run through the exclusion funnel to the outside.

This is a very quick and easy method to use that will get squirrels out of your attic right away. The best part about it is that it is an inexpensive method to use and is quite effective. Now all you have to do is spend some time and money cleaning up.